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MoChara Grove is registered for up to four young people both boys and girls aged between thirteen and seventeen years. The young people living here, are here on a medium to long term basis. This means they will remain in our care from three months upwards, depending on their individual care plan. 


The model of care used by Tús Nua Childcare Services is the Secure Base Model. This model has its roots in theory on attachment, but also on resilience. 


Tús Nua Childcare Services implements the Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Model when supporting our young people in crisis.


Within this model emphasis is placed on the life space interview used within this approach, as this underpins the learning from crisis in helping young people become self-regulating, which enables a young person to reflect on their feelings, and when combined with our model of care builds resilience and provides skills to be used to face future challenges. 


Tús Nua Childcare Services have the following policies in place;


  • Tús Nua Childcare Services’ MoChara Grove Policies and Procedures


  • Tús Nua Childcare Services’ Health and Safety Statement


  • Tús Nua Childcare Services’ Risk Assessment and Management Policy and Procedure


  • Tús Nua Childcare Services’ Child Protection and Welfare Policies and Procedures 


  • Tús Nua Childcare Services’ Anti Bullying Policy


  • Tús Nua Childcare Services’ Data Protection Policy


  • Tús Nua Childcare Services’ Quality Assurance, Voice of the Young Person Continuous Development Framework


  • Tús Nua Childcare Services’ Protected Disclosures Policy

Responsive Workforce

To respond to the individual needs of the young people in our care and based on attachment theory, our staff team are supported to focus on how their daily interactions with the young people we work positively impacts on the care we provide. 
This approach is further supported within the MoChara Grove staff team through the oversight of our Clinical Psychologist and our Behaviour Analyst, who meet on a regular basis with the full team to review each young person in our centre and to provide guidance on how our Model of Care can be implemented to facilitate growth. 
In addition to their professional qualifications, each member of the team in MoChara Grove actively engages his/her additional personal skills to develop strong relationships with our young people in line with our Model of Care. 

Image by Gabrielle Henderson
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