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Information for Young People

Who is Tús Nua?

Helping the young people we support to be more independent, helping them to contribute to and be more included in their communities while building their peer group. Empowering them with the skills and confidence to be the best version of themselves while supporting them towards independent living.


“I like when staff bring me swimming and the gym man” 


“I feel more at home here than anywhere I have been before”  

Tús Nua Childcare, 


Children’s Residential Care

We thrive on independence and the delivery of new directions in our service.

Who is Tús Nua?

Tús Nua is a children’s residential home for up to 4 young people aged between 13-17. A 2storey house with 4 ensuite bedrooms. Situated only 2 km from the main M3 and local bus stop. Accessible to all local amenities.

We currently have a house manager, deputy manager, 8 full members of staff and 3 relief. 

The model of care used by Tús Nua is the Secure Base Model. This model has its roots in theory on attachment, but also on resilience. We implement the Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Model when supporting our young people through crisis.


Tús Nua promotes the enhancement of all our young people’s quality of life through increasing personal autonomy, status and opportunities for social inclusion while building peer groups.

"I enjoy staff presence and going kick boxing"

Supports are provided on an individual basis or in small groups. Independence, choice and rights are inherent elements of the supports provided within our residential home.

Support we provide

Residents are supported in the areas of becoming independent, health and wellbeing, social and leisure,  education & training and personal development, future employment opportunities. This is achieved in a flexible and creative way within the resources available.  Supports are provided on an individual basis.

What we offer

A warm homely environment where everyone is welcome. We follow the national standards for children’s residential center’s (Hiqa). All young people are encouraged to participate in all aspects of their care from helping to choose the weekly menu to their individual weekly planner and attending in-house meetings.


Exercise, physical games such as basketball, football, health & well-being days, swimming/gym, kick- boxing, cooking and baking, smoothie making, pamper nights and PlayStation. Young people are encourage to explore and engage.

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Tús Nua Childcare, Co Cavan


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