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Tús Nua Childcare Services understands the importance of positive engagement for young people in our care through recreational and activity programmes. We provide each young person in our care with an individual recreational program, tailored to meet their individual needs and to support their growth and development. 

Activities Co Ordinator

In order to support this individual recreational program which focuses on the principles underlying the benefits of recreation (detailed below), Tús Nua Childcare Services have employed an Activities Co Ordinator to coordinate each individual young person’s activities for the day/week. This is done in consultation with the young person, their key workers, the wider staff team and all stake holders including our recreational partners. Their role ensures our young people benefit from all aspects of our recreational programs to improve better outcomes for our young people.

Painting Watercolor Flowers
Guitar Playing

Benefits of Recreational Programs

All recreational programs, including centre-based, and community-based programs are offered to young people, cognisant of their interests and hobbies. The Activities Co Ordinator in consultation with each young person, develops the young person’s weekly plan with an emphasis on offering recreational programs whilst utilizing our recreational partners. The impact of recreational plans is reviewed in case management supervision with the young person’s key worker and with input from the wider staff team at team meetings.

Our Recreational Programs focuses on building self-esteem and creating a sense of self-worth and achievement, confidence, teamwork, negotiation, compromise, consultation, and cooperation. We focus on improving a young person’s physical ability, social skills and overall health. Our recreational programs increase our young people’s social interactions and consequently their independence, self-awareness and emotional wellbeing. 

Amenities and Facilities

The central location of MoChara grove, provide the young people with a wide variety of activities and facilities to meet all needs.

Virginia, a short 10-minute drive from the centre, sits on the shores of Lough Ramor, who’s calm, and jet-ski free waters make it a safe and accessible place to swim and to explore the 32 small islands found in the lake.  Lough Ramor is also home to a wealth of water sports available including a beautiful and scenic backdrop for fishing, sailing, waterskiing, forest walks along it’s lake shore and a golf course, which offers beginners classes to anyone wishing to take up the sport. 

Virginia town itself has many offerings including a theatre (which always welcomes new members) and a strong tradition in both GAA and Rugby. 

One of our current residents enjoys the team atmosphere they experience being part of the local GAA juvenile team, whilst out local links afforded another resident to be mentored by a local fisherman enjoying boat trips and building on his passion for fishing. 

Cavan town is located approximately 5 miles from MoChara Grove. Here, young people have access to facilities such as swimming, cinema, bowling, and shopping.

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